It’s time: your journey into a more sustainable world begins here and now! Pack your bags, slip on your running shoes and head off with your fellow travelers into a sustainable future.

I want to join you!


Do you want to join us on the journey?

You are inquisitive, and you believe that you can have a positive influence. You want to make a difference in our world and create a sustainable future for everyone. You are proactive and able to adapt to different perspectives and see other people’s points of view. You are prepared to develop and implement future visions as part of the team, while keeping both feet firmly on the ground.

The process

Our common journey

Your path will at times be rocky, but we will provide you with what you need to face every challenge with confidence:
A suitcase containing the tools necessary to develop a common vision and to blend quickly as a team,
Experts by your side for help and advice
and of course, the necessary provisions to make sure that you arrive at your goal invigorated.

Can you see the land beyond the horizon?
Then join us now on the journey!

Check in

Who are you?
What do you have to offer?
What would you like to take along?

Research is part of the journey


At the start of our journey, we will investigate who the potential users of our proposals for new mobility and liveable city concepts are, and which problems they need us to solve for them. We will establish an overview of trends, technologies, and markets.


We reveal potential solution spaces and develop tangible ideas with which to resolve the requests and requirements of our users regarding our challenge.



We throw everything at it! Our users test our ideas. We check whether our proposed solutions are attractive, cost-effective, sustainable, and technically possible and develop a proceeding roadmap.

Check out

Our journey together comes to an end.
There will be a fitting celebration!


I want to take part!

This is where you discover what you need in your suitcase:


You are studying Business Administration, Energy Management, History, Graphic Design, Innovation Management, Computer Science, Logistics, Product Design, Psychology, Urban Planning, or you can contribute with other expertise.


You have time and desire to dedicate yourself intensively to our common challenge from April 19th to May 26th, 2022 (five weeks/40 hrs./week)?


You are a team player, inquisitive, visionary, self-disciplined, reliable and you get results. You are fluent in business English.

Then we look forward to receiving your application, samples of your work or references and, above all, your personal story about why you want to work in the QLab! We will accept your application at until March 6th, 2022, and you will hear from us no later than March 18th, 2022, if we go on the trip together.




Please note: Our get-to-know-you meetings will be held online on March 15th, 2022.

As we address curious people worldwide, your involvement will be remote, so you must bring your own device!


Save the date! Our upcoming sprints in 2022:


Sprint 5: April 19th - May 26th
Sprint 6: June 21st - July 28th
Sprint 7: August 30th - October 6th
Sprint 8: November 8th - December 15th


We want to go on this journey with you

What we will give you to take along:

  • You will be accompanied by people with many years of experience in the fields of innovation, agile working practices and sustainability.
  • You will receive invaluable inspiration from experts in the fields of architecture, green energy, new mobility and others.
  • You will be part of a network dedicated to sustainability.
  • You will be taught about new methods and tools.
  • You will receive a fair remuneration for your efforts.
  • You will receive a certificate of attendance.


What motivates us...

When we were designing this website, we had many thoughts buzzing around in our heads. We have shown a few here... What are your thoughts?

New ways

Expanding mobility and protecting our heritage – harmonizing both is the key!


Are there concepts which, when combined, build on each other’s strengths?


An integrated team en route to a common goal draws on individual strengths.


Is it possible to develop concepts for mobility outwith their context? Or are exceptionally good concepts always dependent on their target environment?


It is important to change perspective and think outside the box in order to see the bigger picture. Standard points of view don’t bring new insights.

Tried and tested

What do I need to do to transfer a long-term past successful concept into a successful future?

Our team

We are the heart and brain of the QLab:

Boris Gloger, the maestro of agile working. He puts his heart and soul into the establishment of forms of learning which empower school-children to learn proactively and organise themselves as well as to ask the right questions.

Boris is an organization developer, a management consultant and he is not afraid of making visionary ideas become a reality. As a passionate cyclist and train traveler, he is convinced that we can create a sustainable future through appropriate mobility solutions.





Andrea Kuhfuss is a traveler between various professional worlds. Her journey has taken her from a background in art history into innovation consultancy.

She creates networks of different individuals and binds them together. Andrea is an inquisitive generalist who likes to share her knowledge and support both individuals and organizations looking to increase their potential. She is convinced that we can find creative solutions for personal, social, and global problems through collaborative work in multi-disciplinary teams.

Finn Faust studies Psychology at Leiden University and Science & Society at LU Honours College. He is passionate about traveling and following his vision to develop sustainable solutions for people's connectivity.

Finn completed the advanced training "Content Strategy for Professionals" at Northwestern University, is a design thinker and storyteller, and is responsible for scientific research and our blog.





Patrick Runge graduated in International Entrepreneurship, Management & Marketing at the end of 2021. In mid-2021, he already brought an interest in disruption, innovation and sustainability to our first QLab Sprint.


As a Junior Coach, Patrick accompanies the team during the sprint and helps shape new projects in the preparation phases. The need for holistic, sustainable solutions is inevitable for him. To bring forward such concepts for liveable cities, he has become part of the QLab.

And we’re not alone:
The work of QLab is supported by numerous, committed,
clever and future-oriented players from
various different sectors and contexts.

Any questions?


QLab Think Tank GmbH
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28203 Bremen

Office Hours:

Monday - Friday, 9 a.m. - 5 p.m.

Andrea Kuhfuss
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